I wish that I could be like the cool kids

My little brobro does photography as a hobby  so we held a little photo shoot for our first born. (thank you again by the way, love you so much) She is having an 8th grade promotion party and we felt it would be nice to send out a picture of her along with the invites. We also thought, might as well kill two birds with one stone, have Aeson dress up and have them take some sibling photos as well. (our frames needs some updating). Just wanted to share with you all some of my favorites from that day.


Just being a proud mommy is all. Best believe these all become wallpapers on all my electronics. haha. Have a blessed friday yall! until next post! Shanti Shanti!


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Almost Everyday Makeup Routine

After my mini hiatus, i was catching up on blogs i frequently visit and was inspired by one of  Jenny’s latest posts. She was sharing with us her everyday makeup routine and i thought, HEY. I CAN DO THAT TOOOOOOO. So here i am, doing just that.

I say almost because there are days where i dont wear makeup at all or I am fully beating my face for the makeup gods. My everyday makeup routine has changed tremendously since ive decided to become a stay at home mom. I used to work corporate and manage a salon so i would go all out. Hair done, nails done, makeup done, jewelry, heels. Man, i was just so extra. LOL. Im so please with my current routine, as it is so simple, natural looking and only takes me 10 minutes max. (5 if i tried)


My main focus when I apply my makeup up is my eyebrows and skin. I love when my skin looks natural and fresh. I loooove Laura Mercier’s Tinted Mositurizer SPF 20 ($44.00 @ Sephora) It looks and feels thick, but when i apply it, I dont feel like i even have it on. Total bonus on the SPF. Protect your skin from those UV rays ladies! I’ll lightly set my skin with MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish ($33.00 @ MAC) with my 120 brush. I avoid using concealer under my eyes because it takes away from the ‘natural’ look.


Put some dimension and warmth back in my face using Benefit Hoola Bronzer (I wish i can tell you the price for this mini one but it was a gift, the original size is $29.00 @ sephora)


…and some color. I use MAC’s Powder Blush in Coppertone ($23.00 @ MAC) This is my ride or die blush. I’ve been using it since i was 17 years old. It’s a peachy brown color with a matte finish.


A little bit of glow with the help of Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Peach Nector ($28.00 @ anastasiabeverlyhills.com)


YOUR BROWS ARE EVERYTHING. They frame your face so I always make sure that shit is poppin, full face or not. LOL. When i got my brows on, I feel like i got my life together. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Medium Brown. Outline my brows and out blend it out with the spooly. Afterwards I’ll set it with Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Espresso (Both $23.00 @ ULTA) On days I am especially pressed for time, I’ll omit the Brow definer and just use the tinted Gel.


After brows, comes the eyes. I curl my lashes using Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ($21.00 @ Sephora) and apply a coat or two of Loreal Voluminous Mascara ($5.89 @ Target). I’ll finish by tightlining by eyes with Urban Decay’s Glide-On eye Pencil in color Empire ($20.00 @ ULTA) For my brown eyed girls, did you know using purple eyeliner is a subtle way to bring out the color in your eyes? Now you know, thank me later.


Lastly, my holy grail lip product are the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm ($4.00 @ Target). I go back and forth with the colors ‘Red Dahlia’ and ‘Hibiscus’. It leaves a nice subtle color, nice sheen, and its super moisturizing.

All that in 5-10 minutes, I swear.

Do any of you guys use any of the products listed above? And how long does your everyday makeup routine usually take? Do you guys prefer a full glam, semi glam or allllll natural? Comment me, I’d love to know! Until next post love bugs, Shanti Shanti!


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All photos are my own and are taken with the Pixel by Google



Um. Wow. My bad guys, i took a quick little break from blogging. I was feeling a bit uninspired, but im back and ready to knock shit out! It’s monday, and as you know, its Blog Challenge day. I’ve been given the opportunity to introduce you guys to the individuals who drive me, give me life, and give my life purpose. My family.



Let me start with the Love of my Life, Alex. Been rocking with this kid since 2001.  I cannot even begin to put into words the love and appreciation I have for this man and what he has done for me and for our family. After 15 (going on 16 this august) years, everyday i find new things to love about him..We’ve grown together, as individuals and as a couple. We’ve been through some shit too, i mean what couple hasn’t. We’ve hated each other and loved each other, but it is always with each other. Everyday I am so thankful for this crazy, messy, beautiful life we’ve built together. I couldn’t imagine anyone else by my side.



Our Masterpieces. I always tell people. My daughter made me, and my son saved me. Starting with our first born, Alyssa Jenae. I was a baby having a baby, but you know what, I wouldnt change a damn thing. She made me who I am. Family over everything, Take no bullshit, hustle your heart out, love selflessly, get shit done type of person. There is this stigma with being a teenage parent. Me and alex made sure to never fall into that that stereotype, not just for us, but for her. I am not who I am without her. And Ohhhh let me tell you how fucking proud we are of the young woman she has become. She’s an old soul, caring, brilliant, and beautiful in every right. I hope she sees what I see in her and how perfect she is. And bonus, we’re at this point where we can share clothes now. My closet just doubled. #winning

..and then there is this little boy, Aeson Kendrick. He saved my life. After My parents died, I was going down this road of recklessness. I’ve lost myself. And then I was surprised by Aeson. He got me looking at the world with a new set of eyes. He’s growing more and more each day and he surprises us with all the new things he’s learned along the way. He’s got so much personality, charisma, and man, he is fucking charming. He is our SONshine.

If i’ve done anything right in my life, it was them.



The Anna to my Elsa, the Pleakly to my Jamba. My baby sister. I promised i would take care of her, but sometimes i feel like she is the one who is taking care of me. She is my constant and my rock and i will be quick to cut a bitch to whoever makes her cry. She’s the best aunty.  Shes so thoughtul and compassionate, and has the kindest heart out there. I’m proud of her and proud to say she is my sister. She’s my best friend. Its cool cuz, i still can boss her around too. HAHA.



My everythings. (we definitely need to update this picture lol)



Until next post love bugs! Shanti Shanti!


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Dear Mom

One of the nicest, most sincere, and thoughtful compliments anyone can give me is telling me that I remind them of you. 

Truth be told, I will never be half the woman that you once were, but damnit I’m trying. 

Sometimes, when the kids are sitting quietly together and getting along perfectly, it is in those moments that my heart is so full that I could cry. I wish and hope so badly that they see and understand how fiercely powerful my love is for them. They’ll probably never know until they chose to have kids of their own but I will never stop trying to show them. And it is in those moments, that I understand you best.

So I just wanted to say thank you, I’m sorry, I miss you and I love you all at the same time. 

Thank you for your sacrifices, endless love, and never giving up on me.Thank you for teaching me what any school could not. Life skills, determination, work ethic, and loving wholeheartedly. When people admire my strength and my passion, I’ll smile and say thank you and let them know I learned from the best, my mom.  Thank you for being the ultimate standard on how a mother should be. 

I’m sorry. I’ll admit, I was a handful. Our relationship wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Im sorry for the heart ache I’ve ever caused. I took your love for granted and even questioned if my mommy even loved me.Sometimes I think about my foolishness and I get teary eyed. I know you did. A mother’s love,  your love knows no bounds. 

I miss you. I miss watching you do your hair and makeup in the morning. I miss listening to reggae and having our morning coffee and we would just talk. I even miss your little eye roll when I would light up a cigarette. (Don’t worry, I quit since then). I miss your cooking. I miss stealing clothes from your closest. I miss your laugh. I miss when you would hug Alyssa you would sniff her neck and inhale all of her love for you.i wish so badly that you and dad are still here. Sometimes I catch myself going through my contacts looking for your name so I can text you what amazing thing the kids did or just because I’m bored. There is this void in my heart I’m still trying to accept, even after all this time. I miss everything, I miss you.

I love you. Today, tomorrow. To the moon and back, forever so much,I promise. 

                            Happy birthday mom. 

#yogirlcancook | Filipino Omelette

Lent season is upon us. For those who observe lent, ya’ll know that each friday during this time, we fast and don’t eat meat. I felt it would be appropriate to share one of my favorite recipes from my childhood called, torta. Torta is a word that has a wide array of culinary meanings around the world. In certain parts of the Philippines it is either referred to as a sponge cake or some type of omelette. Today i’ll be sharing the omelette version with ya’ll cuz momma knows i aint no baker! This is commonly made with ground meat or eggplant but in observance of good friday, I will be using imitation crab. If you’ve ever had korean seafood pancake, this is kind of similar, so may like it.The beauty of this recipe is that you can use whatever that you have on hand. Its flexible and forgiving.

Prep Time: 15 min | Cook time: 15 min


  • 1-2 roma tomatoes
  • 1/2 large onion
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 1 pack imitation crab
  • 5-6 eggs
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 1-2 tsp fish sauce (you can omit this part, this is just how i grew up eating it)
  • pinches and dashes of salt and pepper to taste
  • 2-3 tbsp oil (i used vegetable oil, all on your preference)


The holy trinity of filipino cooking is garlic, onions, and tomatoes. It’s pretty much the base of every filipino dish i know how to make. Anyways, you’re going to dice them along with the imitation crab.


Once you’ve finished your chopping, heat about 1 tbsp of oil in your pan and sautee your holy trinity until fragrant. The aromatics of these 3 together brings me back to my childhood. Whenever i came home from school and smelled this as i walked through the door, i knew my mom was going doowwwwnnnnn in the kitchen.


Once your trinity is fragrant and soft, go ahead and add your fake crab. Cook for about…5 minutes stirring occasionally. A pinch of salt, a dash of pepper. I also like to add about 2 tbsp of fish sauce, but this is optional. It adds another layer of flavor and saltiness that isnt too over powering. Turn off your stove let sit for 5 minutes to kind of cool.


here is a picture of 5 eggs in a large bowl. dont forget to scramble those.


Mix in your cooked trinity and crab into your eggs. I add about 2 tablespoons of flour to this mix to thicken it up and bind it so it holds better when we fry it.


In the same pan you used to sautee your aromatics (cuz we dont like doing more dishes than we have to) set your stove to medium to high heat. Once it’s hot youre going to pour your mixture..i would say about the size of a pancake and fry that shit. Once your edges are golden brown. Flip it!




This is typically served on a bed of jasmine rice and a side of filipino/banana ketchup. Yes, i said banana. (Here’s a little quick history lesson for ya, banana ketchup is made from mashed bananas, sugars, vinegar, and red food dye. Banana ketchup was made when there was a shortage of tomato ketchup during WWII.) Regular ol’ heinz will work too. haha.

And…thats it. If you observe lent, what meals do you guys make on good friday? and for those of you who dont do all of that, what are some quick meals that bring you back to your childhood? Until next post love bugs, Shanti Shanti!


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All photos are my own and are taken with the Nikon p7800

March-Plan with Me |BulletJournal

I’m the type of person who likes to write things downs. I like lists and doodling. It helps me remember things better. Prior to starting my bullet Journal in late 2016, i was using the erin condren planner for about 2 years. As beautiful as it was, the colors were too much for my eyes, there were pages and spaces being unused, and i was just bored with it. I went down this bullet Journal rabbit hole on pinterest and I was obsessed. The system itself is simple and its flexibility is amazing. If you’re not yet familiar with bullet journaling, READ THIS. With that being said, i thought i would start a new series. At the start of every month i would show you my layout and you guys can plan with me!


Starting off with my Journal. I got this bad boy at Walmart for $4.oo. The cover is simple and the pages are blank. I cant be bothered with spending $20+ on a journal, but thats my prerogative. If that’s what you like, you do you boo!


When you first open my bullet journal, I have pictures of my family and who i grind for and my name, cuz..well, its my name. LOL. I decided to omit the calendex or ‘year at a glance’ cuz i rarely used it on my Erin Condren planner.


I like having an intro page for each month and it makes for a seamless transition. For March i just doodled tulips. It’s my mommys birthday month and they were her favorite.


I keep my monthly calendar on one page. I’ll jot down, birthdays, events, things to remember, and bills. I’ll go further into detail with plans on each event on my weekly spread.


I have a Blog planner! It really does keep me in check with posting. Can you tell? I have been posting more frequently. LOL. I have four columns : My prompt, content, pictures, and post. I’ll write my prompts on these removable sticky tabs. Ill move them as i finish each column. For example the ‘ABH palette’ Tab in the photos column, I had just finished the content, so my next goal is to take nice photos and edit them. If you guys like, I could go more into detail with this system on another post. let me know!


My favorite page has to be the gratitude page. It’s nice to sit down at the end of the day once the kids are asleep and just reflect.It doesnt have to be a paragraph long. If im thankful for my bed that day, i’ll simply just write ‘bed’ lol.


The one thing that remains consistent in my bullet journal is my daily food log. It takes up 4 pages! Writing down my food intake really keeps me in check. Like do i really need that second serving of pasta tonight? haha. I also keep track of my water intake. I use tally marks. Each tally is 40 oz becuase thats how big my hydroflask is.


I like to keep each week on one page. I like the weekly spread because i can go further into detail on the dates and events i put on my monthly spread. Usually on sundays, I’ll make my layout and plan my week ahead. As each day goes, i’ll add what needs to be done and check off what I’ve finished. I like to leave a little room for doodles if I remember. The bottom righthand corner with the box is set for our dinners that I’ve planned for the week. Having planned out our meals makes grocery shopping a breeze.


Finally, I’ll add everything I’ve put on my monthly spread onto my mommy board on the fridge. (please dont judge my sad attempt at a command center. haha it is a work in progress). This helps our household run a little more smoothly. Every one is in the know, we are able to help each other out, so there are no excuses!

And i guess thats it? Every month is always different. Sometimes I’ll add a habbit tracker. Expense tracker, my layouts change. Its fun to see it evolve as the year goes by. I hope this has given someone so type of inspiration, and if you’d like me to go into detail about anything please let me know! Do you guys bullet journal? What system works for you? Until next post love bugs, Shanti Shanti!

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The Bloggers Tag


Hey whats up hello!

My beautiful blogging sister Varsha posted this tag today and was kind enough to tag me! So drop by her page, she gives insight on living abroad, her uni life, recipes, vlogs, makeup reviews, and makeup looks. Shes quite well rounded and the sweetest girl ever. I’ve never been tagged in the blogging world before, So i was like hell yeah. The concept is simple and its an entertaining way to get to know your peers on this platform.So while the kids are asleep, husband is working late tonight, and to be honest, I’m too lazy to edit pictures for tomorrows blog, let’s do this.

Question 1: How tall are you? towering at 5’0 ft tall.

Question 2: Do you have a hidden talent? I can fit my fist in my mouth. No, just kidding. Um, its not so much a hidden talent but i kinda sorta play the piano. Oh! And I paint.

Question 3: What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve? I’ve been getting these a lot lately, but i think its fuckin weird when people like my blog posts one after another hella quick. Like is you reading it, or nahhhh. I shouldnt complain tho, those are likes. HAHA

Question 4: What’s your biggest non-blog related pet peeve? I’m so annoyed by people who smack their food, walking behind people who are on their phone, and loud typing.

Question 5: What’s your favourite song? I have many many favorite songs. At the moment though my playlist consists of Motown and the BeeGee’s. I know it’s good cuz i dont realize I’m singing and dancing along until my husband walks in like..the hell?

Question 6: What is your favourite social media website? Instagram for eye candy. Twitter for the word vomit. And snapchat cuz im nosey and i like to see everyones daily life. LOL

Question 7: What is your favourite way to spend free time when you’re alone?  SLEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP

Question 8: What is your favourite junk food? oh man, Burgers, fries, and taco bell. I could definitely go for a chalupa right now, and MUST be a supreme.

Question 9: Do you have a pet/pets? If so, what kind and what are their names? Yes! Our oldest pet is a black cat named Prince Doogle who 5 years old. Then we have a husky named Kaholo Bear who is 4 years old. Lastly, our German Shepard named Samantha Dobby (cuz she has big elf ears like dobby) who is turning one in a few weeks! I think one of the prompts for the Blog Challenge im doing is to introduce them to you guys, so look out for that!


Question 10: What is your number one favourite non-fiction and fiction book?  I haven’t done much reading in a long time. The last non-fiction book i can remember reading was ‘Is everyone hanging out without me’ by Mindy Kaling, and that was pretty funny. My number one fiction, cmon yall. Harry Potter, always.

Question 11: What is your favourite beauty product/tool? My MAC 224 blending brush. My ride or die, it’s been with me for 12 years. LOL. It’s been with me longer than some of my friends.

Question 12: When were you last embarrassed? What happened?  LOL. So, when i went to check on my hubbs while he was working in his office, i didnt realize he was still on skype with his friend..so I let out a baby fart (okay..maybe a little bit bigger) and alex starts grinning and turning red. Next thing you know, Mike (his BFF) says, “that was a good one.” I was like, “Well at least it doesnt smell.” They both tease me, “Girls arent supposed to fart!” LOL, fucking jerks.

Question 13: If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be? Coffee with creamer, italian sweet cream please!

Question 14: What is your favourite movie? So many to chose from. The breakfast club, Ferris Buelers day off, The Wood, The players club, Harry potter series, twilight series (dont judge me), fools rush in, tears of the sun. I can watch those over and over.

Question 15: What was your favourite lesson in school and why? lesson? Like, class? When i went, i suppose english and art.

Question 16: If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? Hawaii or london.

Question 17: PC or Mac? I own a macbook. I did only purchase it because it was pretty. I also own a PC. I will admit that PC’s do perform better. My husband builds computers as a hobby so he tries to teach me. but i’m over here like, meh. Just get the computer to play WOW without slowing down and im happy.

Question 18: Last romantic gesture from a crush, date boy/girlfriend, spouse? He literally just walked in and gave me a kiss and then went back to his little office to work. Thats cute and romantic right?

Question 19: Favourite celebrity? James Franco ❤

Question 20: What blogger do you secretly want to be friends with? I am already blessed with two of the best. Varsha and MorgainZ. There is also Jenny who is another sweetie pie on here. We should all just do a google hangout or something! LOL. I’m still meeting and learning about people on here so, yanno, to my fellow bloggers, lets be friends!

Question 21: Who is your biggest inspiration?  My kids and my mom.

Question 22: What is your favourite blog to read? YOURS!

Question 23: What is your favourite high street shop? The fuck is a high street shop? I do enjoy Zara, topshop, and UO…if that means something. lol.

Question 24: Are you in education or do you work? Educated stay at home mom who helps her hubbs with their start-up business.

Question 25: What is one thing you are proud of? My Family, to the top we go!

and…THE END.

that was fun, right? RIGHT? I’m going to tag those who i’ve recently followed, but if you want to do the tag, do it and let me know. I want to get to know YOU better.





Until next post loves! Shanti Shanti!

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