Dream House | A Girl Can Dream Collaboration Series

First time back in a month and it’s for the Collaboration Series xojenny and I started.


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This months prompt is Dream Home.

I had a lot of fun with this. As the entire family was sitting together in the living, not bickering or needing something from me, I had asked what everyone wanted in our Dream Home. We had our own little version of ‘House Hunters’, passed around the laptop, saved images, and discussed our wishlist, dealbreakers, needs and wants.

Dream Home


Alex’s style is more modern/contemporary as I am more Traditional and rustic. It was fun finding a balance for the both of us in the home and all the common areas. We wanted 5 bedrooms – Ours, a room for each of our kids, a guest room because we entertain often, and an additional room for an office space for myself.  Alex wants a man cave for obvious reasons and it will also be a place where he sets up his own home office. We also wanted a 4 car garage. Because in our dream home, Alyssa will be driving by then and Alex has space to work on his project car. LOL. We talked many many times where our home would be. We played with the idea of living in Arizona, Nebraska (i know, wtf right?), Colorado, and Las Vegas (cuz omg its so cheap and we do alot of work out there). It’s quite obvious our heart is where we currently reside, which is in Northern California. Oh, and i want a couple of horses. Because I can.



We looooooove to entertain. We always got people at the house so it’s important that our backyard would have a pool, sitting area, and an outdoor kitchen (My hubby works magic on the grill)


Ya’ll know we cant forget our fur babies! We wanted a little doggy pool for them to cool off on hot summer days, and lots of room to run around!

Living Room


Modern for him, cozy for me. Even in our current living situation we try to make things clean and sleek, but still cozy and welcoming for ourselves and our guests. Even now our color palette is very neutral with a lot of greys, blacks, and white. Something we want to incorporate in our future/dream home is more organic (wood, stone, marble) finishes.

Dining Room


Bro, how dope are those chairs tho???



The kitchen is the heart of the home and the mommy is the heart of the family. So it makes absolute sense that i get full control of what happens in the kitchen. AM I RIGHT? #yogirlcancook and i get down in the kitchen so it’s very important to me that I have a lot of counter space. I also want a mini herb garden in the kitchen because freshness matters. Lastly, a large island in the kichen which also doubles as a place to sit down and eat with the family at the end of the day. Because lets be real, as beautiful as the dining room is, its only meant for entertaining. LOL

My Workspace


Originally, I had wanted a joint working space with Alex. But..he’s very tidy when he works and I am kind of all over the place. I need a room that is bright. A very large table so I can paint, craft, and work on client projects. A place to store all my books and records. A nook to take a breather. A room that is MY room entirely, cuz mommys need that too. (Sorry no mancave picture, LOL. I feel he could make an entire post in its self)



Not gonna lie, the loft would serve purpose for our fur babies. Build a doggy bed in a nook, put a gate up when we have company and they are set.

I had the kids pick out their own rooms.

Daughters Room


So. Tumblr.

Sons Room


I was surprised He picked this, cuz yanno, he’s 3. But liked the wall and “the bed on top  mommy!’

Master Bedroom


And finally, our master bedroom! I wanted a heart shaped bed and a mirror on the ceiling above our bed but alex frowned upon it. LOL jk. This room is so perfect though. Neutral palette, tall windows, and a fireplace…for sexy time ambiance. keke.

And there you go! Nothing too crazy i feel. Its certainly achievable and realistic for our family. Give us another 5-7 years, I’ll do a house tour, and i promise its gonna be like this.

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Until next post love bugs, Shanti Shanti!

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My favorite Holiday |BLOG CHALLENGE

I am..hella late with posting this weeks 52 Week Blog Challenge. This weeks prompt is your favorite holiday. It’s no secret my favorite holiday would definitely have to be Christmas.

The Christmas season always puts a warm feeling in my heart. And that fuzzy feeling i get starts The day after Halloween. Yup, i am one of those people and im not ashamed to say it. LOL.  I love how traditions you had as a child are passed down to your children. And as your family grows you make new traditions along the way.

Some of traditions i like to do around the holiday season is making gingerbread houses together and making our own garlands. I like to see the kids creativity develop over the years and watching them work together in perfect harmony makes my heart so full.


I also let them pick the theme/colors of the tree and make them take 693482043 pictures in front of it so i can blast it all over social media.


And i think the best part about holiday season is that everyone comes home for christmas. We all get so caught up with life, work, school and whatever else, we sometimes forget to make time for each other. Shit, sometimes we even forget to call. Once everyone is under the same roof, work and school no longer matter, the air is filled with love, the drinks start pouring, and when you look around, everyone has picked up right where they left of. And to me, it is in those moments i start to reflect and think how truly blessed i am. That is why christmas is my favorite holiday.

I’ll leave you guys with a Vlogmas video i made during noche buena 2016. Just a glimpse of how Christmas is like with our family.

I know, thats a lot of people. LOL. Almost all my mommys siblings, all my first cousins and our families. What can i say, filipinos can reproduce. haha. What is your favorite holiday? Until then love bugs, Shanti shanti!

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Dream Wedding | A girl can dream Collaboration Series

I am back once again from a mini hiatus and so excited to start off the month with this collaboration series xoJenny and I Came up with.


Please feel free to join us!

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4.| Go all out! Think of it as your vision board, Manifest all your dreams into reality type shit. Cuz thats what we’ll be doing.

This months topic  is:

Dream Wedding

I think I’ve planned my dream wedding ever since i Fell in love with Zack Morris from ‘Saved by the Bell’. Cuz i swear he was gonna be my husband/baby daddy.  Since then i’ve glued on bridal pages from magazines into my journal, drew out my wedding dress, and my rotation of bridesmaids kept changing. Then there was pinterest. Now all my wedding dream goals are kept nicely in one place. So today, I’ll share a few details I’d like to have for my dream wedding.



Kohl’s Mansion, Burlingame, California.

I did charity work with locks of love while I was working as a hair stylist. One of our locations was at High School and Kohls Mansion was on the property. (I know, crazy right? Private schools in the bay area are so fuckin fancy.) I immediately fell in love. You could get your bridal party ready, ceremony, reception, and pictures done all in one place. Everything is absolutely breathtaking. From the gardens, to the rooms, and the staircase. I envisioned Alex and myself saying ‘I DO’ in this very mansion.





Color Palette


It’s no surprise I stray from color, I like to keep everything pretty nuetral. I have noticed though, I enjoy subtle hints of mauvy and dusty rose colors. Alex also has a very nuetral color palette as well. And gold? That shit is always so elegant.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen


My Maid of Honor & Matron of Honor would be wearing Gold.


My bridesmaids would wear a beige, sandy color. Probably same color, different style, They can choose. I’m not too fussy about those things. I want them to enjoy with me rather than stress about how much they dont like or how they look in their dress. LOL


Groomsmen in grey with accents to match the bridesmaids dresses. DUH.


I let alex pick what he wanted to wear. And i am not disappointed. He’s always so dapper.

Bouquets & Centerpieces



My momys favorite flowers were tulips, so i will definitely incorporate them wherever i can.

My dress


I. Die. I’ve always wanted a dramatic train on my wedding dress. And i hella love sleeves. That is because I’d like to get married when the weather isnt sooo fricken hot. No one wants to see a sweaty bride. LOL.

Lastly, OPEN BAR. Thats a no brainer.

I’ll leave it at this for now. I’m getting carried away LOL. What are some things you want for your dream wedding? And join us for next month’s prompt: DREAM HOME

Also, look out for my Bullet Journal and blog challenge posts coming out this week Until next post love bugs, Shanti Shanti!

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Top 5 places I’d like to Visit | BLOG CHALLENGE

Hello hello and happy Monday to all of you! This weeks prompt for the 52 Week Blog Challenge is the top 5 places I’d like to visit. When I first started this blog, I did a similar post HERE. A few of the places I’ll share with you today are motivated by food and places my loved ones have visited that gave me feelings of wanderlust.  So without further adeau..

Thailand: The temples, oh my god the temples. For those who know me, I keep little buddhas around our home. The philosophy behind buddhism is absolutely beautiful. Lead a moral life,be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and develop wisdom and understanding. I Would totally use a part of this trip to gain some spiritual enlightenment.

Also…I’m not gonna lie, your girl can get lightweight ratchet. So there is this penis shrine i want to see, and drink with the lady boys. Cuz they are some of the prettiest I have ever seeeen in my life. Like can you teach me your tricks of the trade when it comes to makeup hunny?!


Japan: The food, technology, and culture. And Alex has always wanted to go. That’s enough reason for me.

Santorini - Oia

Greece: This has always been on my bucketlist, I dont know why it didnt make the cut the first time around. Everything is just so beautiful. The mythology, the people, and food. I looooove greek food.


Rome: My grandma visited Rome twice before she passed. She would always talk so fondly of the architecture and how a city so old is still thriving. A made a personal promise to myself to visit and marvel at the city she fell in love with.


Hawaii: I have never been to hawaii. I know, surprising right? This trip is within reach.  We’ve already booked an AirBnB for June with the squad, hopefully the tickets wont break my heart and my wallet. So if any of you have stayed in Oahu near Turtle bay, I would love recommendations!

Do you guys have a travel bucket list? Any places i should add? Comment and let me know! Until next post love bugs! Shanti Shanti!


Jacqueline Joy

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All photos were taken from google. hehe.

I wish that I could be like the cool kids

My little brobro does photography as a hobby  so we held a little photo shoot for our first born. (thank you again by the way, love you so much) She is having an 8th grade promotion party and we felt it would be nice to send out a picture of her along with the invites. We also thought, might as well kill two birds with one stone, have Aeson dress up and have them take some sibling photos as well. (our frames needs some updating). Just wanted to share with you all some of my favorites from that day.


Just being a proud mommy is all. Best believe these all become wallpapers on all my electronics. haha. Have a blessed friday yall! until next post! Shanti Shanti!


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Almost Everyday Makeup Routine

After my mini hiatus, i was catching up on blogs i frequently visit and was inspired by one of  Jenny’s latest posts. She was sharing with us her everyday makeup routine and i thought, HEY. I CAN DO THAT TOOOOOOO. So here i am, doing just that.

I say almost because there are days where i dont wear makeup at all or I am fully beating my face for the makeup gods. My everyday makeup routine has changed tremendously since ive decided to become a stay at home mom. I used to work corporate and manage a salon so i would go all out. Hair done, nails done, makeup done, jewelry, heels. Man, i was just so extra. LOL. Im so please with my current routine, as it is so simple, natural looking and only takes me 10 minutes max. (5 if i tried)


My main focus when I apply my makeup up is my eyebrows and skin. I love when my skin looks natural and fresh. I loooove Laura Mercier’s Tinted Mositurizer SPF 20 ($44.00 @ Sephora) It looks and feels thick, but when i apply it, I dont feel like i even have it on. Total bonus on the SPF. Protect your skin from those UV rays ladies! I’ll lightly set my skin with MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish ($33.00 @ MAC) with my 120 brush. I avoid using concealer under my eyes because it takes away from the ‘natural’ look.


Put some dimension and warmth back in my face using Benefit Hoola Bronzer (I wish i can tell you the price for this mini one but it was a gift, the original size is $29.00 @ sephora)


…and some color. I use MAC’s Powder Blush in Coppertone ($23.00 @ MAC) This is my ride or die blush. I’ve been using it since i was 17 years old. It’s a peachy brown color with a matte finish.


A little bit of glow with the help of Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Peach Nector ($28.00 @ anastasiabeverlyhills.com)


YOUR BROWS ARE EVERYTHING. They frame your face so I always make sure that shit is poppin, full face or not. LOL. When i got my brows on, I feel like i got my life together. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Medium Brown. Outline my brows and out blend it out with the spooly. Afterwards I’ll set it with Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Espresso (Both $23.00 @ ULTA) On days I am especially pressed for time, I’ll omit the Brow definer and just use the tinted Gel.


After brows, comes the eyes. I curl my lashes using Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ($21.00 @ Sephora) and apply a coat or two of Loreal Voluminous Mascara ($5.89 @ Target). I’ll finish by tightlining by eyes with Urban Decay’s Glide-On eye Pencil in color Empire ($20.00 @ ULTA) For my brown eyed girls, did you know using purple eyeliner is a subtle way to bring out the color in your eyes? Now you know, thank me later.


Lastly, my holy grail lip product are the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm ($4.00 @ Target). I go back and forth with the colors ‘Red Dahlia’ and ‘Hibiscus’. It leaves a nice subtle color, nice sheen, and its super moisturizing.

All that in 5-10 minutes, I swear.

Do any of you guys use any of the products listed above? And how long does your everyday makeup routine usually take? Do you guys prefer a full glam, semi glam or allllll natural? Comment me, I’d love to know! Until next post love bugs, Shanti Shanti!


Jacqueline Joy


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Um. Wow. My bad guys, i took a quick little break from blogging. I was feeling a bit uninspired, but im back and ready to knock shit out! It’s monday, and as you know, its Blog Challenge day. I’ve been given the opportunity to introduce you guys to the individuals who drive me, give me life, and give my life purpose. My family.



Let me start with the Love of my Life, Alex. Been rocking with this kid since 2001.  I cannot even begin to put into words the love and appreciation I have for this man and what he has done for me and for our family. After 15 (going on 16 this august) years, everyday i find new things to love about him..We’ve grown together, as individuals and as a couple. We’ve been through some shit too, i mean what couple hasn’t. We’ve hated each other and loved each other, but it is always with each other. Everyday I am so thankful for this crazy, messy, beautiful life we’ve built together. I couldn’t imagine anyone else by my side.



Our Masterpieces. I always tell people. My daughter made me, and my son saved me. Starting with our first born, Alyssa Jenae. I was a baby having a baby, but you know what, I wouldnt change a damn thing. She made me who I am. Family over everything, Take no bullshit, hustle your heart out, love selflessly, get shit done type of person. There is this stigma with being a teenage parent. Me and alex made sure to never fall into that that stereotype, not just for us, but for her. I am not who I am without her. And Ohhhh let me tell you how fucking proud we are of the young woman she has become. She’s an old soul, caring, brilliant, and beautiful in every right. I hope she sees what I see in her and how perfect she is. And bonus, we’re at this point where we can share clothes now. My closet just doubled. #winning

..and then there is this little boy, Aeson Kendrick. He saved my life. After My parents died, I was going down this road of recklessness. I’ve lost myself. And then I was surprised by Aeson. He got me looking at the world with a new set of eyes. He’s growing more and more each day and he surprises us with all the new things he’s learned along the way. He’s got so much personality, charisma, and man, he is fucking charming. He is our SONshine.

If i’ve done anything right in my life, it was them.



The Anna to my Elsa, the Pleakly to my Jamba. My baby sister. I promised i would take care of her, but sometimes i feel like she is the one who is taking care of me. She is my constant and my rock and i will be quick to cut a bitch to whoever makes her cry. She’s the best aunty.  Shes so thoughtul and compassionate, and has the kindest heart out there. I’m proud of her and proud to say she is my sister. She’s my best friend. Its cool cuz, i still can boss her around too. HAHA.



My everythings. (we definitely need to update this picture lol)



Until next post love bugs! Shanti Shanti!


Jacqueline Joy

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