Send Nudes | Top 5 Nude Lipsticks


Ya’ll crazy if you thought i meant actual nudes. Last week i was reading Jenny’s Blog on some of her favorite nude lipsticks and I had so many suggestions for her, I decided to make a post myself. Just like my choice in nail colors, I will always and forever gravitate towards nude and mauvy colors. Its simple, timeless, classic, and you will always look so put together when you have that shit on. I am one of those girls who foreal will buy the same shade in different brands because…i NEEEEEEEED it. My husband thinks it’s annoying. LOL. It was hard narrowing down my Top 5 but by golly, I think I’ve done it. I’ll also share some dupes for yall as well!



Pander Me by MAC Cosmetics $17.00

A matte finish with warm and peachy undertones. Unfortunately this was a LIMITED edition so MAC no longer carries it. Something similar to this is ‘Velvet Teddy’ by MAC cosmetics. Another alternative is ‘Polite Society’ LippieStix by ColourPop $5.00. This is my absolute favorite, i fear the day that i run out.


Bedtime Flirt Lip Lingerie by NYX Cosmetics $7.00

Upon application it is very creamy and it does dry matte. Its a mauve color with a red undertone. A lot of people have mixed feelings with this line, but i have no complaints. I love their formula. This is actually a dupe to the color and lipkit ‘Candy K’ by Kylie Jenner which retails for $29.00. Everytime i put this on, I always feel like, Kylie Who?


Creme in your Coffee by MAC Cosmetics $17.00

I don’t really know how to describe this color. It’s like, a pink, brown, coffee color? LOL. It’s a cream sheen finish which means it adds a soft shine and its softer on your lips upon application. It’s not drying either so its really nice for everyday wear. I’m not gonna lie tho, you will have to reapply this a few times throughout the day, especially after eating or drinking. A perfect dupe for this is ‘Cami’ MatteX LippieStix by ColourPop $5.00


Pure Hollywood Liquid Lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills $20.00

A dusty, rosey, mauve color. Yeah, I think that’s what i can say to best describe this beauty. This shit will last FOR-EV-ER. I am not bullshitting you when i say forever also. Dinner? No problem. Going out drinking? ABH has got you covered. You sweated your makeup off during sex? But you lipstick is still poppin! Her formula has passed the tests of time! A great dupe for this is ‘Lace Detail’ Lip Lingerie by NYX cosmetics $7.00


Corset Lip Lingerie by NYX Costmetics $7.00

A Nude toffee color that dries matte. I like wearing this when I’m feeling a little dark, but not too dark cuz its still only 10am and i got errands to do. LOL


Swatches Top to Bottom | Pander me, Bedtime flirt, Creme in your Coffee, Pure Hollywood, Corset

As a bonus, i wanted to share my favorite lip liners that you could pair with any of these lipsticks to create the perfect nude pout.


Morning Coffee Prolongwear Lip Liner by MAC Costmetics $21.00

Dirty rose color beautiful to wear enough by itself with a close on top.

Electra Prolongwear Lip Liner by MAC Cosmetics $21.00

Creamy beige

Spice Lip Pencil by MAC Cosmetics $17.50

Toffee Nude color. Another color beautiful enough to wear on its own.


Swatches Left to Right | Spice, Electra, Morning Coffee

My favorite Lip cocktail of all time? Morning coffee lip liner with Pander Me lipstick. You must try!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as i did curating it. What are some of your favorite go to Nude shades and lip cocktails? Share them with me! Until then love bugs, Shanti Shanti!

Jacqueline Joy

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All photos are my own and are taken with the Pixel by Google.


19 thoughts on “Send Nudes | Top 5 Nude Lipsticks

  1. xoJenny says:

    YASSSS This post is everythingggg I wanted/needed and more! Thank you so much for posting this. I about died when you first sent me the snap “send nudes” LOL so darn clever 😉 I’m gravitating towards the NYX Lingeries sooo badly, Corset YES PLEASE! Still on the prowl for these. I was at Target just yesterday and couldn’t find any! They had every single NYX line except the lingerie, of course! Although I haven’t even gotten around to checking Ulta yet, so to be determined… Also, everyone raves about Anastasia’s product, I’m loving that color. Do you paid Corset with any lip liners?

    xo, JJ


  2. diophilia says:

    wow I love the color Pure Hollywood Liquid Lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I also have an amazing lipsticks in my blog you ca check them out if you are interested 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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