Saturns Return

I have daily conversations with my friends. It may be through text, facetime, skype sessions, a simple phone call. No matter what form of communication we use, we pretty much all speak to each other daily. More often than not, our conversations have been an exchange in advice, all of us weighing out the pros and cons for one another. (We’ll also talk shit and talk about our shit, literally. but thats for a different post)

“How did you know it was the right time for you to start a family?”

-“I didnt, it kind of just happened. Have babies! My kids need friends!”

-“Don’t do it! We’re still young. not fucking with kids for another 5 or 10 years”

-“Guys, i ate something bad last night. and Oh. my. god. My poops were intense.”

“The mortgage is cheaper, but the area is up and coming. What would you guys do?”

-“How would your commutes be?”

-“Is it turn key ready? It wouldnt be worth it if you still have to invest on making more renovations.”

-“Bro, you are in the hood, thats why its cheaper.”

“They offered me the management position in Vegas, but i want to finish my masters..”

-“If you can find a way to make your money and go to school, i say get that masters booboo.”

-“VEGAS? Hell yeaaaah.”

-“But would you get more money if you moved to Vegas? Would your boss now counter them back with a higher offer?”

-“Would you stay in the bay if they countered you with a higher offer?”

“If we moved two hours away to start our business, you guys will still visit right? RIGHT?”

-“No one asked you to move away!”

-“Cost of living is alot cheaper out there than it is in the bay.”

-“Of course we’ll visit. It’s only 2 hours away.”


The other day while having lunch with one of my bests, i was telling her how surprised i was at how all of our friends are going through their shit, their motions, and how we’ve all been trying to deal with it. Here i thought i was the only one freaking the fuck out about my life at the end of the day. Laying in bed at night thinking to myself, “Was this the right choice?  Stop being a pussy and put your fucking plans to action.” She looks at me with the blankest stare,”Cmon bro, remember? Saturns Return?”

Saturns. return.


Ya’ll probably looking at your phone or screen like,”what the fuck bitch?” Let me explain.

Saturn’s return is an astrological transit that occurs when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a persons birth.This affects both men AND women EQUALLY. You first Saturn return will usually happen between the ages of 27-30 and then again at 58-60 and if youre one of the lucky ones, 87-90. Think of it like a cosmic right of passage. You’re entering adulthood and you are at a crossroad where life altering decisions are placed in front of you. They say your 20’s are meant for fun. You make a mistake, drink yourself into oblivion, and the next day your problems are a thing of the past. But then Saturn returns, and shes like your older sister who sees right through your bullshit and pushes you to start making a change. All of a sudden you’re faced with adult challenges and responsibilities. What the fuck?  Saturn reveals what you truly want and gets rid of the things that stunts your personal growth. Mind. Blown.

So how do we survive Saturn’s return?

Accept it.

Embrace the joyous times and the growing pains.

Make moves.

Make changes.

And remember, there is always a blessing in the storm.

Until then love bugs. Shanti Shanti!


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