Pull-ups & Prada | What’s in my Bag?

I’m a nosey person.I love these types of posts. Shit, its still one of my guilty pleasures to watch on Youtube. Every time i see my sister or my girls, I always find myself digging through their bag. I like to see how people organize their bags, why they carry what they carry, and if i’m lucky, i’ll find myself a coupon or an extra of something I can use for myself. LOL.  You can learn a few things about a woman (or man) just by looking at the contents of their purse. So here we go.

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Bag | LV Speedy 35 Monogram Canvas

These designer bags are a bad habit. I switch out my purses often so it can match with my outfits and save the integrity of my bags from everyday wear and tear but i will ALWYAS switch back to my speedy. The leather is so soft and though it may look small, this shit is deeper than the pacific ocean. Sometimes i feel like a magician pulling things out of his hat, because the amount of things i can keep in this bag is endless.

Wallet | Prada Saffiano Flap Travel Wallet

My favorite item i carry in any of my purses and it was gifted by my best friend. I’m incredibly lucky, I know, and so very thankful. We both were wanting similar wallets last year and we decided to get it for each other on Christmas which made our extravagant purchases justified. Now its kind of become our tradition to do around the holidays. And you know, she’s my ride or die and she’s always there for me. Why the fuck not? #BFFGOALS

Makeup Bag | Marc Jacobs Nylon Cosmetics Bag

I plan on doing a separate post for this but real quickly, what i would usually keep in my makeup bag are the essentials I would need if ever needed to spend the night somewhere unexpectedly. Gotta stay prepared!

Sunnies | RayBan oversized Aviators

Always protect your ojos people!


You know, regular key things. Car, house, key to my husbands heart..ohh..smoooth. Etc, etc.

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I’m a mommy to a teenager and a toddler, so aside from my everyday essentials I’ve listed above, I’ll always carry baby wipes, pull ups, and snacks for both my kids..and myself. But mostly for my kids, i swear! I will especially save the lollipops for my little boy because like, I need to concentrate while I’m shopping at target and this will settle him down real quick.


I am a former cigarette smoker. Newport Menthol 100’s to be exact. Ew, gross right? I’d be lying if i said i didnt miss it. Anyways, since quitting the cigarillos, i have started vaping. It has saved my pockets and my breath. And lawd, it smells so much nicer. COOKIES > SMOKE. #winning. My setup is pretty old school, but you know, If it aint broke, don’t fix it. And for those who are curious, the juices i do prefer are more cream based and savory. I cannot stand the taste of artificial fruit. LOL.

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And course, what kind of bag would it be without all the other random shit and receipts i keep in there. A few clips and a comb from the last bridal gig i did because I had already packed up my kit. And you know, I’m saving that receipt from walmart and target from a few weeks ago for sentimental reasons said no one EVER. Why do we do that? Seriously, why? LOL

So that’s it. You’ve learned that I am a mommy (obviously), my vices are designer brands, I love the SFGIANTS, i vape, i do freelance hair and makeup, and i keep receipts for no good reason, simply by taking a look into my purse.

What are some of your everyday essentials you keep in your bag? Until then love bugs, Shanti Shanti!

Jacqueline Joy


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3 thoughts on “Pull-ups & Prada | What’s in my Bag?

  1. thegirlwithanaccent says:

    This is such a cool post! You’re completely right, you really can learn so much about a person just by looking inside their bags! Love that wallet, by the way. And I tend to keep random receipts lying in there for months for no reason at all! haha


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