Dream House | A Girl Can Dream Collaboration Series

First time back in a month and it’s for the Collaboration Series xojenny and I started.


Everyone is more than welcome to participate! Simply add our banner to your post and be sure to link me & jenny so we can check it out! We love to see what goes on in that pretty little head of yours and what you dream of.

This months prompt is Dream Home.

I had a lot of fun with this. As the entire family was sitting together in the living, not bickering or needing something from me, I had asked what everyone wanted in our Dream Home. We had our own little version of ‘House Hunters’, passed around the laptop, saved images, and discussed our wishlist, dealbreakers, needs and wants.

Dream Home


Alex’s style is more modern/contemporary as I am more Traditional and rustic. It was fun finding a balance for the both of us in the home and all the common areas. We wanted 5 bedrooms – Ours, a room for each of our kids, a guest room because we entertain often, and an additional room for an office space for myself.  Alex wants a man cave for obvious reasons and it will also be a place where he sets up his own home office. We also wanted a 4 car garage. Because in our dream home, Alyssa will be driving by then and Alex has space to work on his project car. LOL. We talked many many times where our home would be. We played with the idea of living in Arizona, Nebraska (i know, wtf right?), Colorado, and Las Vegas (cuz omg its so cheap and we do alot of work out there). It’s quite obvious our heart is where we currently reside, which is in Northern California. Oh, and i want a couple of horses. Because I can.



We looooooove to entertain. We always got people at the house so it’s important that our backyard would have a pool, sitting area, and an outdoor kitchen (My hubby works magic on the grill)


Ya’ll know we cant forget our fur babies! We wanted a little doggy pool for them to cool off on hot summer days, and lots of room to run around!

Living Room


Modern for him, cozy for me. Even in our current living situation we try to make things clean and sleek, but still cozy and welcoming for ourselves and our guests. Even now our color palette is very neutral with a lot of greys, blacks, and white. Something we want to incorporate in our future/dream home is more organic (wood, stone, marble) finishes.

Dining Room


Bro, how dope are those chairs tho???



The kitchen is the heart of the home and the mommy is the heart of the family. So it makes absolute sense that i get full control of what happens in the kitchen. AM I RIGHT? #yogirlcancook and i get down in the kitchen so it’s very important to me that I have a lot of counter space. I also want a mini herb garden in the kitchen because freshness matters. Lastly, a large island in the kichen which also doubles as a place to sit down and eat with the family at the end of the day. Because lets be real, as beautiful as the dining room is, its only meant for entertaining. LOL

My Workspace


Originally, I had wanted a joint working space with Alex. But..he’s very tidy when he works and I am kind of all over the place. I need a room that is bright. A very large table so I can paint, craft, and work on client projects. A place to store all my books and records. A nook to take a breather. A room that is MY room entirely, cuz mommys need that too. (Sorry no mancave picture, LOL. I feel he could make an entire post in its self)



Not gonna lie, the loft would serve purpose for our fur babies. Build a doggy bed in a nook, put a gate up when we have company and they are set.

I had the kids pick out their own rooms.

Daughters Room


So. Tumblr.

Sons Room


I was surprised He picked this, cuz yanno, he’s 3. But liked the wall and “the bed on top  mommy!’

Master Bedroom


And finally, our master bedroom! I wanted a heart shaped bed and a mirror on the ceiling above our bed but alex frowned upon it. LOL jk. This room is so perfect though. Neutral palette, tall windows, and a fireplace…for sexy time ambiance. keke.

And there you go! Nothing too crazy i feel. Its certainly achievable and realistic for our family. Give us another 5-7 years, I’ll do a house tour, and i promise its gonna be like this.

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Until next post love bugs, Shanti Shanti!

Jacqueline Joy

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5 thoughts on “Dream House | A Girl Can Dream Collaboration Series

  1. xoJenny says:

    Aww I love how the whole family put some input into this post that is so adorbs! But hold on I died laughing out loud “I want a couple of horses….because I can” LMAO That was great. I’m with Alex I loveee the sleek modern look but theres so much comfort and coziness that goes into a rustic type of home. I was torn between the two and will most likely need a solid mix of both. I’m sooo determined to have a good backyard, deck, porch area because all I ever want to do is entertain and have people over! Total must….with a pool too would be nice 😉 And your son’s room, my inner child is loving that layout!!!!! May have to take that for if/when I have a kid lol Love this so much ❤ ❤

    xo, JJ


  2. helloitsjo says:

    this is my absolute dream.. makes me so happy looking at these pics but so jealous at the same time!!! hahaha it would be such a dream to have guest bedrooms and offices spaces and just make them SO cosy and be able to have loads of friends over. I could not agree more with the neutral palettes and omg the dog pool.. I’m crying.. how perfect..
    “for sexy time ambiance” HAHAHA too funny ❤ ❤ fabulous post my chicky!!! xxxx


  3. ayrgalaxy says:

    I’m so pissed this didn’t show up on my feed but here I am! Lol.
    I love what you’re going for! Lots of space that’s big enough for visitors. Totally in love with the living room and the backyard as well as the doggy pool, that’s something I never would have thought of. I also love how your kids got to choose what kind of room they would like. And high five for a large garage. I would love to have one for my project car too hahaha.


  4. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    Oh its so cute how you got your family involved in this post, how adorable!!! Absolute yes to having a couple of horses, that’s deffo a must for me too (although I’ve not rode a horse in years and years). The little dog pool is a brilliant idea, and I love the look of the backyard and loft. This house is ultimate crib goals, I love your choices 🙂


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