Um. Wow. My bad guys, i took a quick little break from blogging. I was feeling a bit uninspired, but im back and ready to knock shit out! It’s monday, and as you know, its Blog Challenge day. I’ve been given the opportunity to introduce you guys to the individuals who drive me, give me life, and give my life purpose. My family.



Let me start with the Love of my Life, Alex. Been rocking with this kid since 2001.  I cannot even begin to put into words the love and appreciation I have for this man and what he has done for me and for our family. After 15 (going on 16 this august) years, everyday i find new things to love about him..We’ve grown together, as individuals and as a couple. We’ve been through some shit too, i mean what couple hasn’t. We’ve hated each other and loved each other, but it is always with each other. Everyday I am so thankful for this crazy, messy, beautiful life we’ve built together. I couldn’t imagine anyone else by my side.



Our Masterpieces. I always tell people. My daughter made me, and my son saved me. Starting with our first born, Alyssa Jenae. I was a baby having a baby, but you know what, I wouldnt change a damn thing. She made me who I am. Family over everything, Take no bullshit, hustle your heart out, love selflessly, get shit done type of person. There is this stigma with being a teenage parent. Me and alex made sure to never fall into that that stereotype, not just for us, but for her. I am not who I am without her. And Ohhhh let me tell you how fucking proud we are of the young woman she has become. She’s an old soul, caring, brilliant, and beautiful in every right. I hope she sees what I see in her and how perfect she is. And bonus, we’re at this point where we can share clothes now. My closet just doubled. #winning

..and then there is this little boy, Aeson Kendrick. He saved my life. After My parents died, I was going down this road of recklessness. I’ve lost myself. And then I was surprised by Aeson. He got me looking at the world with a new set of eyes. He’s growing more and more each day and he surprises us with all the new things he’s learned along the way. He’s got so much personality, charisma, and man, he is fucking charming. He is our SONshine.

If i’ve done anything right in my life, it was them.



The Anna to my Elsa, the Pleakly to my Jamba. My baby sister. I promised i would take care of her, but sometimes i feel like she is the one who is taking care of me. She is my constant and my rock and i will be quick to cut a bitch to whoever makes her cry. She’s the best aunty.  Shes so thoughtul and compassionate, and has the kindest heart out there. I’m proud of her and proud to say she is my sister. She’s my best friend. Its cool cuz, i still can boss her around too. HAHA.



My everythings. (we definitely need to update this picture lol)



Until next post love bugs! Shanti Shanti!


Jacqueline Joy

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13 thoughts on “Meet My Family | BLOG CHALLENGE

  1. Kaleb & Kamden's Mommy says:

    Beautiful family! My first son saved me and my second son made me! Kaleb, my first, got me through a rough break-up with his father and sever depression. HE was my reason for getting out of bed every morning. HE was my reason for working two jobs. He is four now and has no clue what he has done for me. My second, Kamden, is the baby who made me. Kamden is Kaleb’s complete opposite. I have learned so much since having him. Kaleb was my easy baby and Kamden is my trying baby. Both polar opposites, yet they both hold they key to my heart.


  2. xoJenny says:

    I got all the feels and chills when you spoke about your kids, “My daughter made me, and my son saved me” ahhh heart instantly melted! Your relationship with your daughter reminds me a lot like the Gilmore Girls (which I obsess with) because their mother-daughter relationship is precious and loving and just straight up goals! Is she the one you always catch on snap singing LOL I love those, her face when she figures out your filming her- priceless!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    • jacqueliinejoy says:

      Awwwww. I’m flattered that my words gave you the feels. But it’s true man. And I’m also very flattered you think of me and Alyssa as Lorelei and Rory. I love them so much! They are ultimate goals, even though Lorelei kinda annoying sometimes lol. I showed Alyssa your kind words, she smiled and said thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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