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I’m the type of person who likes to write things downs. I like lists and doodling. It helps me remember things better. Prior to starting my bullet Journal in late 2016, i was using the erin condren planner for about 2 years. As beautiful as it was, the colors were too much for my eyes, there were pages and spaces being unused, and i was just bored with it. I went down this bullet Journal rabbit hole on pinterest and I was obsessed. The system itself is simple and its flexibility is amazing. If you’re not yet familiar with bullet journaling,Ā READ THIS. With that being said, i thought i would start a new series. At the start of every month i would show you my layout and you guys can plan with me!


Starting off with my Journal. I got this bad boy at Walmart for $4.oo. The cover is simple and the pages are blank. I cant be bothered with spending $20+ on a journal, but thats my prerogative. If that’s what you like, you do you boo!


When you first open my bullet journal, I have pictures of my family and who i grind for and my name, cuz..well, its my name. LOL. I decided to omit the calendex or ‘year at a glance’ cuz i rarely used it on my Erin Condren planner.


I like having an intro page for each month and it makes for a seamless transition. For March i just doodled tulips. It’s my mommys birthday month and they were her favorite.


I keep my monthly calendar on one page. I’ll jot down, birthdays, events, things to remember, and bills. I’ll go further into detail with plans on each event on my weekly spread.


I have a Blog planner! It really does keep me in check with posting. Can you tell? I have been posting more frequently. LOL. I have four columns : My prompt, content, pictures, and post. I’ll write my prompts on these removable sticky tabs. Ill move them as i finish each column. For example the ‘ABH palette’ Tab in the photos column, I had just finished the content, so my next goal is to take nice photos and edit them. If you guys like, I could go more into detail with this system on another post. let me know!


My favorite page has to be the gratitude page. It’s nice to sit down at the end of the day once the kids are asleep and just reflect.It doesnt have to be a paragraph long. If im thankful for my bed that day, i’ll simply just write ‘bed’ lol.


The one thing that remains consistent in my bullet journal is my daily food log. It takes up 4 pages! Writing down my food intake really keeps me in check. Like do i really need that second serving of pasta tonight? haha. I also keep track of my water intake. I use tally marks. Each tally is 40 oz becuase thats how big my hydroflask is.


I like to keep each week on one page. I like the weekly spread because i can go further into detail on the dates and events i put on my monthly spread. Usually on sundays, I’ll make my layout and plan my week ahead. As each day goes, i’ll add what needs to be done and check off what I’ve finished. I like to leave a little room for doodles if I remember. The bottom righthand corner with the box is set for our dinners that I’ve planned for the week. Having planned out our meals makes grocery shopping a breeze.


Finally, I’ll add everything I’ve put on my monthly spread onto my mommy board on the fridge. (please dont judge my sad attempt at a command center. haha it is a work in progress). This helps our household run a little more smoothly. Every one is in the know, we are able to help each other out, so there are no excuses!

And i guess thats it? Every month is always different. Sometimes I’ll add a habbit tracker. Expense tracker, my layouts change. Its fun to see it evolve as the year goes by. I hope this has given someone so type of inspiration, and if you’d like me to go into detail about anything please let me know! Do you guys bullet journal? What system works for you? Until next post love bugs, Shanti Shanti!

Jacqueline Joy


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15 thoughts on “March-Plan with Me |BulletJournal

  1. xoJenny says:

    Your handwriting!!! Soooo like if I send you one of these can you just like pre-write everything for me EXACTLY how you’ve done yours!!?!? I’m feeling like I want one of these but I know it would not look as good as yours #thestruggle Also, If I decide to get another tattoo, you gotta write it out for me. But anyways, this book is totally much more subtle and softer on the eyes than the Erin Condren ones, although I loveee hers too and have been wanting one so bad but I just feel like spending that much on a planner is kind of crazy. Although I will most likely end up buying one next year lol But I also love that you can kind of make this one more scrapbook-ish so it’ll be fun to keep and reminisce as time goes by!

    xo, JJ


  2. jacqueliinejoy says:

    Girl I’m down if you want me to prewrite your bullet journal! And the flattery I’m getting with all your sweet comments! What kind of tattoo were you planning? I actually saw that Erin condren now has a line for minimalists. I was like great! Where was this shit when I needed it. Hahaha. It’s okay totally content with my current setup.


  3. ayrgalaxy says:

    I wish I had time for a bullet journal. I only have my blog planner with monthly pages to write when I’ll be posting certain things. I have separate pages for each month in case I want to brainstorm what I might want to do. But that’s it lol.
    And I’ve been trying to implement a command board in this house because it’s chaos sometimes. I also would like to make a menu board. I’ve been trying to work on that one for months lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jacqueliinejoy says:

      I’d like to add more things to my command center and make it nicer but this is all we need for now, at least until aeson starts school. I love e the menu board. It’s helps me with cuttings costs of groceries because I’m repurposing our meals. And everyone can stop asking me what’s for dinner!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. thegirlwithanaccent says:

    Bullet Journals fascinate me so much! – I know that sounds weird, but honestly, I don’t have the patience! Your handwriting is also really pretty and neat – mine on the other hand is so squiggly hahah It’d take me forever to draw an intro – love your tulips! I do looove the idea though! I just haven’t found “my bullet journal” yet, know what I mean? And I’m really interested in your blog planner and how that works! I could use some consistency in my blogging. lol. Good post girl!!


  5. Kaleb & Kamden's Mommy says:

    You’re handwriting! LOVE! You’re bullet journal is beautiful! I recently dove into the world of bullet journaling. I only used what I have on hand at the moment. I really enjoy having everything in one place. I do not use layouts or anything of that nature. I do use it for budgeting and planning homeshool activities, keeping track of passwords and now blogging as well! Glad I stumbled across your blog! I look forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

    • jacqueliinejoy says:

      thank you so much for your kind words! I’d love to see some pages in your journal to get a few ideas, especially for budgeting! thank you for the read! ill be sure to stop by your page!


      • Kaleb & Kamden's Mommy says:

        My journal is a mess compared to yours! My handwriting is terrible as well as my drawing/doodling. It helps me relive stress and stay on task so I refuse to give it up haha


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