52 Week Blog Challenge

In an attempt to blog more consistently I’ve decided to do a weekly blog challenge. It also gives my blogging friends a chance to get to know me a bit more.  In addition to the weekly blog challenge, I’d like to add more recipes, favorites, daily life, and beauty related posts once I’ve figured out a blog schedule that works for me. I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the ride with me 🙂 I found this challenge on Jenny’s Blog, definitely check her out. The sweetest girl.

52 Week Blog Challenge

  • Meet my best Friend
  • My favorite things
  • Meet my family
  • Top 5 places I’d like to visit
  • My favorite Holiday
  • 10 years from now…
  • My childhood memories
  • An unforgettable day in my life
  • My biggest pet peeve
  • Oh to win a million dollars
  • Music of my Heart
  • Social Media Phenomenon
  • My favorite month
  • My favorite book
  • Time management
  • My Biggest Fashion accessories
  • My biggest fears
  • My embarrassing stories
  • My OCD habits
  • My favorite movies
  • If i could eat ONE last meal
  • Workin’ on my fitness
  • What I spend money on
  • My biggest dreams in life
  • My favorite recipe
  • The best part of each season
  • My Favorite Quotes of all time
  • 10 guilty pleasures
  • Well, someone has to say it…
  • A life lesson I’ve learned
  • My scariest experience
  • My inspiration to blog
  • What’s inside my closet
  • Meet my pets
  • A day in my life
  • Let me brag a minute
  • What’s always in my grocery cart
  • My biggest celebrity crush
  • What I miss most about my childhood
  • 10 things on my bucket list
  • My Biggest Accomplishment
  • My favorite TV shows
  • My bad habits
  • My favorite snacks
  • What I do to recharge
  • A person that inspires me
  • The most beautiful place I’ve been
  • My greatest strength
  • My greatest weakness
  • What makes me laugh
  • One hobby i would like to start
  • New Years Goals and aspirations

I’ve just decided I’ll be posting things relating to the blog challenge on MONDAYS. so the first one will follow shortly after this has post. Ya’ll wanna do the challenge also? If you do, let me know, I wanna get to know you better as well. Until next post love bugs, Shanti Shanti!


Jacqueline Joy


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