2017 Goals

Yes, I know it’s February, but who is to say that you can only set goals for yourself at the beginning of the year? When you want to achieve something, write that shit down, plan it out, and execute that bitch.  With that being said, here is me, writing shit down.

Career Goals:

  • Book 5 wedding gigs this year. (currently @ 2/5)
  • Increase Sales and Creativity with the Husbands company
  • Find another side hustle

Financial Goals:

  • BUY a new home
  • Pay off loans
  • Use side hustle money to learn how to invest in stocks and bonds

Personal Development Goals:

  • Read more
  • travel to a bucket list destination for 2017
  • improve time management skills (working from home and for yourself, you kind of disregard time and put things off to when you can. and i procrastinate hardcore. not good)
  • Learn to cook different kinds of cuisines aside from asian/latin dishes
  • Practice patience
  • Paint more and with love ( i love my work better this way)

Physical & Health Goals:

  • Lose weight. ah duh. LOL
  • Develop a fitness routine i can stick with
  • MILF
  • 2 miles under 20 minutes

Spiritual Goals:

  • Attend church more
  • Learn how to meditate, correctly. cuz i always end up falling asleep. LOL
  • Have a better understanding about myself and my relationship with the lord

Relationship Goals:

  • Increase family time
  • More one on one time with each baby
  • more date nights
  • Make more time for friends

Blog/Vlog Goals:

  • Reach 500 followers on my blog
  • 100 subscribers on youtube (cuz lets be real. I only use that as a tool so my family and friends from over seas can see what we are up to)
  • BLOG twice weekly
  • VLOG weekly
  • Do a giveaway with MORGAINZ before summer
  • Work on my editing
  • get a drone for filming
  • curate better posts that are also informative and entertaining for my readers

I think…thats about it?

Its never too late to better yourself and reach your goals.I know, how fuckin cliche do i sound. But yanno, just do good.

What are some of your goals for yourself this year? I’d love to know. And if you have any tips on how i can achieve any of my goals, holla at your girl. Until then love bugs!

Jacqueline Joy



15 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. xoJenny says:

    I wish for the life of me I could understand stocks and bonds. Luckily my boyfriend is in finances and knows all about it but like even when he explains it to me….wayyyy over my head lol sigh. Nevertheless, you’ve compiled such a good productive goal list, I hope you achieve them all throughout the year 🙂 Best of luck!

    xo, JJ


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