Christmas Wishlist | BLOGMAS #2

jacqueline-joyAlas, here you’ll find things I super duper want but i would never purchase for myself because now a days i cannot justify spoiling myself when i could spoil my kids or my hubby instead. So to whomever is reading this, i hope you love me. and PS. I’m also turning 30 in a few weeks, I absolutely don’t mind if you splurge on me a little bit. LOL

Enameled Gratin Dishware By Anthropologie

Because the older you get, you have dinner parties vs. getting wrecked and i need new platters to serve my food in. Shit, who am i fooling. I occasionally get wrecked from time to time, now with just prettier dishes.


New Vinyl

Childish Gambino | Awaken My Love!

Gallant | Ology

Bruno Mars | XXIV Magic

A Tribe Called Quest | We got it from here, Thank you for all your service

Unicorn Finger Puppet by Urban Outfitters

Because, why not?


Gavriel Mansur Bucket Bag in Black

Everytime I try and buy this bag for myself, it is always sold out! Maybe you’ll have better luck. LOL. It’s so beautiful, and the red lining? I die. I need a new everyday simple black bag. NEED!


Harry Potter Print Art from Etsy

I saved the best for last. The wall in our dining has been pretty bare since we’ve moved here two years ago,and what better way to make it..un-bare (lol) than to hang these beautiful pieces. A great way to capture a piece of my childhood in such a grown up way.


What are some of the things on your christmas wishlist this year? Until next time love bugs, Shanti Shanti!


Jacqueline Joy


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