Hello hello my fellow bloggers! Since our fall collabo was kind of a fail, me and my blogging sisters Morgan and Varsha decided to do something fun for the holiday season and do BLOGMAS together. We’ve compiled a list of 40 prompts to choose from for each day up until Christmas. Everyone is welcome to participate, let us know what prompt you did and we’ll stop by and take a gander. We love to see what everyone has going on during the holiday season.

  1. Christmas Wishlist
  2. Winter OOTD
  3. Top 5 Christmas Movies
  4. Christmas Playlist
  5. Christmas House Tour
  6. Pictures & Memories of Christmas Past
  7. Stocking Stuffer Guide
  8. Letter to Santa
  9. Pot Simmer Recipes
  10. Favorite Christmas Crafts
  11. DIY Christmas Décor
  12. Christmas Party Food Ideas
  13. Winter Tag
  14. Christmas Tag
  15. Holiday MOTD
  16. Makeup/Nails inspired by Christmas song/movie
  17. DIY Christmas Cards
  18. Christmas Baking Recipes
  19. GRWM Christmas Party
  20. Favorite Christmas Inspired blog posts from other bloggers (we should link each other. LOL)
  21. What you got for Christmas
  22. Christmas OOTD
  23. Inexpensive Christmas/Secret Santa gifts
  24. Healthy snacks/food ideas for Christmas
  25. Winter Haircare
  26. DIY Advent calendar/post about advent calendars you’re opening
  27. Christmas themed Collaboration Post
  28. Organizing blogs for the holidays
  29. Tips & Tricks for Holiday shopping
  30. Blogmas Blog post ideas
  31. Favorite winter Fragrances (pot simmers/candles)
  32. Favorite stores to buy Christmas Décor
  33. Christmas Wrapping Ideas
  34. Christmas wishes (your hopes and dreams for the future)
  35. Christmas/winter Candle Collection
  36. Recipe for your favorite Holiday Beverage
  37. Recap of 2015 in pictures
  38. Christmas Tree Reveal
  39. Holiday bucketlist
  40. Holiday traditions for you and your family

Aside from BLOGmas, Morgan and I will be participating in VLOGmas as well! Be sure to stop by our channels, do all that cool shit. Like, comment, and subscribe. It’s like giving us a virtual Christmas present.

Morgans YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday season, shit, i sure am. Will any of you guys be doing blogmas or vlogmas? Let me know! Until then lovebugs, Shanti Shanti!

Jacqueline Joy

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