Thursdays with Jayee | A Day in the Life

For the Collaboration this week, we’ve been asked to share our “Day in the Life”

A majority of my fellow bloggers on this collaboration are in college, i’m the mommy of the group. Literally and figuratively. So I feel there may be some contrast between my day and theirs. Which is a good thing! Don’t worry tho, i wont be busting out a tit and breastfeeding my kids or anything, just doing ordinary mom things and ordinary wife things with my extraordinary family. And Go.


Wake up.


8:00AM | Taking this cool girl to school. I still don’t know why her ass just doesn’t walk to school. We live like, a quarter mile away. Smh.


10:28AM | I went back to sleep when i got home from dropping off Alyssa. I am not a morning person and yo girl was tired. Anyways, a habit i picked up from my parents was to start each day with devotionals. A great way to stay inspired and keep motivated.


10:43AM | Let the pups out to potty, play, and eat in the backyard. On the left is Samantha Dobby (she has dobby’s ears from harry potter) and she is 6 1/2 months old. On the right is Kaholo Bear who just turned 4 years old this year. He was the runt of his pack, thats why his ass is so small. LOL


After I let my dogs out (insert Baha Men song here) I’ll quickly get myself and Ayce ready for the day. I’ll set him up with some coloring books, toys, or his ipad so i can go through and spot clean each room. That consists of making the beds, wiping dust off the tables and picking up small stuff from the floors. I don’t like to start the day with any mess or clutter otherwise i’ll start to feel anxious. Weird right?

11:15AM | Breakfast. Sort of. Ayce will have breakfast (today it was cereal and a banana). Alex and I will have coffee. Obviously my mug is the coolest, cuz i am the BO$$. lol. We’ll go over our plans for today, make a joke or two, give kisses, and i wont see him again till he’s hungry. You know regular husband wife things.


12:15PM | Thursdays & Fridays are our laundry days. I make Ayce load the dryer. It makes him feel important that he’s helping me. lol.


1:29PM | Outfit change for Ayce. He got Reese’s all over his damn shirt, i thought it was shit. I put my nose to his shirt and let out the biggest sigh of relief.

1:36PM | After changing Ayce’s clothes, he locked our bedroom door from the inside.  This is a Daddy problem that needed daddy fixing.


how cute are they taking out that damn door knob. Brb, my heart is melting.

2:18PM | This is around the time Ayce will hit a wall. He’s tired from running around, chasing the dogs, playing with his toys, and helping us out around the house, so i am not complaining what so ever when all he wanted to do was chill and watch Pokemon. Cuddle session commence!


3:34PM | Alyssa is home from school. Ayce is always excited when she gets home cuz he has someone to play with. I’m excited when she comes home so i can take a little breather. Haha.


4:27PM | While i’m inside the house preparing the sides for dinner, Alex is grilling our Entree. We wanted Alyssa and Ayce to take advantage of playing outside this afternoon because the next couple of days it will be storming.

5:16PM | Dinnertime! Tonight we had Grilled London Broil marinated in soy, lemon, garlic and sugar. Grilled asparagus, jasmine rice (per usual) and a filipino salsa. Its similar to pico de gallo but it has chili paste, soy sauce, and white vinegar. So delicious with grilled foods.


6:07PM | Walking the pups after dinner and the sky looks so ominous.


6:39PM | Alex went to the range and I had him pick up more diapers and dog food. Alyssa is doing homework (but i hear her, her ass is really on facetime not doing homework), I’m folding our laundry and Ayce is ‘helping’ but not really.



To Whom it May Concern: We have self driving cars now, can someone please please please invent a machine that folds our laundry. This is my least favorite chore.

7:45PM | Both kids are all washed up and ready for bed. Husband makes it home in time for Ayce to fall asleep in his arms. Ill do another quick spot cleaning of the entire house because i cannot sleep/rest knowing there is a mess waiting for me in the morning.


My heart is melting again. A sight i will never get sick of.

8:31PM | Study Session para mi. 2 hours, 2 chapters and 2 quizzes and i nailed it. For those who are curious, I’m studying to take the CalBRE exams so i can become a licensed Real Estate Agent. I’m not passionate about it, but its always good to have a ‘Just in Case’ career on the back burner.


10:27PM | I recently got into Bullet Journaling and i am in love. It really has helped me stay motivated and stay on track with things i need to get done. Perhaps one day, i’ll post about it and what system works for me. Currently going over tomorrows plans and planning for the day which is pretty much nothing lol.


11:04PM | Nightcap with  my love and his best friend/business partner via skype. Cuz you know, thats what adults do. We just hangout online, not drinking and driving, being responsible and shit.


11:25PM | And here i am, 3 shots in ending my night with all of you. Once this posts, i’ll hop in the shower and unwind with some Breaking Bad with the Hubbs. This is pretty much my M-F. Same shit different day type of deal. Its ordinary and boring, but i love it because i love them. 🙂

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What is your day to day like? And do you guys have any questions on what you’ve seen here today? Let me know! Until then love bugs, Shanti Shanti!

Jacqueline Joy


5 thoughts on “Thursdays with Jayee | A Day in the Life

  1. Morgan Hayley says:

    First of all, COOK ME DINNER that food looks good!!!! 2nd of all I LOVE YOUR DOG’S (my mom has a Shepherd and I am wanting a husky) I also love your fam they are adorable!!! 3rd you should definitely make a post on bullet Journaling because I have thought about doing it and would love ideas!!! And last but not least I need that boss thug mug😍 great post!


    • jacqueliinejoy says:

      Girl you make me blushie! I would love to cook you dinner one day. Lol if ever you’re in Cali or I’m in Texas. Lol. And yes! I’ll def do a post on bullet journaling, perhaps when I do my Nov layout! And many many thanks for all your sweet comments! 😙😙

      Liked by 1 person

  2. thegirlwithanaccent says:

    Okay. Literally what Morgan said!! Food looks SO good! You should post recipes some time! And omg those dogs are the cutest ever! Also, I’ve heard so much about bullet journals but I have no idea what it’s really about! So a post on that would be super cool! Awesome post, Jacqueline!!


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