Fall Fashion Inspo

I’m a December baby and i love the cold weather. I was never into showing much skin…okay maybe some cleavage every now and then, but by closet was curated for the autumn and winter months. The layers, the textures, and the ability to hide my baby chubs under my clothing is ev-er-y-thiiiiiiing.

With that being said, this weeks prompt (i know, im late, life happened) is Fall fashion inspiration. I’m a simple gal, i shy from color, and comfort is everything. Shit, i’m a mom, i need to be able to chase after my damn kids and i cant do that in heels. A few of my favorite things this season are vegan leather leggings DAILYLOOK High Waist Vegan Leather Leggings$29.99, stripes, Roshes by nike, NMD R1 by Adidas, and always always, a nice designer bag (lol such a bad habit). I’ll share a few images from my pinterest board that has been inspiring my wardrobe for this autumn/winter season.

Mommy always said, “If you keep it simple, you will always look timeless.”

And fin. Hopefully these have inspired some of you as well. Be sure to check out the rest of my blog family to see what inspired their closets and wardrobes.

Love Lee  Jerry calls her the “Originator”. So thoughtful and sweet. A Down to mars girl with a blog focusing on Beauty, mental health, and lifestyle.

Jerry The Gentleman of the group. A man of god and beautiful writer. His stories and words will captivate you. I promise.

Morgan  A girl vs. The world. She even said so herself. This cutie patootie goes over lifestyle, health, fitness, and beauty. You will definitely find some insightful tips with her.

Varsha The Girl with an Accent. In depth beauty reviews and delicious recipes. I say no more. Definitely need to check out.

Jenna “twenty year old grandma” I dig it. Ive enjoyed reading her stories as she navigates through life and college and im sure you will too.

Stop by every Thursday for more collabo posts. Last weeks post Autumn Love with California

What are some of your staples for your autumn/winter wardrobe? Until then love bugs, Shanti Shanti!


Jacqueline Joy



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