Autumn Love with California

Katy Perry wasn’t lying when she said she knew a place where the grass is always greener. And i agree with her, nothing comes close to the golden coast,but we all dont always lay under palm trees with our daisy dukes and bikinis on top. I’m a NORCAL girl. Born in beautiful Lake Tahoe, The Bay taught me, and now I moved to the suburbs of Sacramento. Our swag is different up here. We’re sooooo much cooler. Literally and figuratively, and we dont always talk like everything is a question. (insert valley girl twang) “like, ohh my gah, RLY?”

Luckily for me, Sacramento is very central and only a 2hour drive from all my favorite places. The bay, Napa valley, and Tahoe.For this weeks prompt, we were asked to share our top 5 favorite destinations to visit in our area for the Autumn season. Ill also share some of my favorite resorts and restaurants you MUST go to if you ever happen to be in the area.


Apple Hill, Placerville, Ca


When i was in elementary school all the way up until high school, every year during the Autumn season, the first field trip of the year would be at Apple Hill. This place is fucking magical and its huuuuuuuuuge. There are a total of 55 family owned ranches, 10 wineries, and a day spa, so there is something to do for everyone in your family.  My favorite was Goyettes Farm. Youre able to pick your own apples, cut your own sunflowers, carve your pumpkins right from their patch, and enjoy a picnic with a goooorgeous view. I’d always come home from my field trips with at least 3 paper bags full of goodies for my mom. Another favorite at apple hill i used to frequent is the Apple Pantry. Homemade apple pies, apple juice, apple butter, and apple tamales. YES! i said apple tamales! Dont knock it till you try it. Now that our family is closer to Apple hill (45min drive vs. 3 hours) this is a tradition I’d love to start up again with my own family.

Napa Valley California


I will always hold a deep regard for Napa. Seriously, this is mine and my husbands favorite spot for a quick weekend getaway. It’s quiet, mellow, and the people are nicer. Our friends are probably already sick of it by now. I dont know, maybe there’s something in the air. It is a little sweeter during the early autumn months, due to harvest season. If its not busy, some wineries will even let you taste wine straight out of the barrels.The color change in napa valley is one of the most dramatic i have ever seen.  If you ever want to get your  fall foliage fix (i swear its like  porn) you should mosdef hit up Napa.

Our favorite place to stay if it aint AirBnB is Bardessono Hotel 6526 Yount St, Yountville, CA 94599 Its modern, flawless, peaceful, and the staff is absolutely charming. Definitely worth checking out! And for some good eats, check out Cole’s Chophouse 1122 Main St, Napa, CA 94559. I promise you wont be disappointed.magnolia-courtyard

Lake Tahoe, California


Hometown glory. Personally, i think its the most beautiful time of the year. The crowds have died down because summer has come to an end and the temperatures are perfect to enjoy the weather and really discover Tahoe. Don’t do the stupid boat tours though. I used to work for the company, its long, its boring, and its over priced. The best way to go out and see the lake is take a drive. It takes just as long as the cruise (roughly 2-3 hours) to drive around the entire lake, but you have the flexibility to stop at other hiking trails,  attractions, and some good eats. Always always ask locals for suggestions also, they’re always better than the suggestions travel sites give you. My personal faves are zephyr Cove or a nice hike along Fallen Leaf Lake (pictured above) Its an easy hike, 2-3 miles and the terrain is pretty flat so it would be great for the kids. As far as lodging, AirBnB it bro, unless you like to gamble, literally. There are a few nice casinos along the strip over at stateline.

San Francisco, Bay Area, California


Did y’all know that the city has been named the top place in America for a fall getaway? Just like Tahoe, the crowds have died down and you wont have to worry about over crowding. It will be much easier to navigate through the city. Golden Gate Bridge, The Painted Ladies (The Full House house), Bay Bridge, Lombard St, Japantown, Pier 39, and the second most magical place in the world..AT&T Park (#Sfgiants). The vibe  in the city is something different, i always miss it hobos and all. sigh. One of our favorite places to eat and go to Happy Hour is Waterbar 399 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105. If you love oysters, this is your place. Another local favorite, especially on game day is MoMo’s 760 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107. We looooove our Giants.PS. don’t call it ‘Frisco’ either. People from the city don’t even call it that. Don’t be such a tourist. Lol.

Disneyland, Anaheim, California


Okay, so…Disneyland is NOT an hour drive from me BUT, it is an hour flight, and shit. that will suffice for me. Disneyland is great all year round, actually, sucks in the summer. Its hot, and crowded, and everyone is miserable. Sorry got sidetracked. But in autumn, lord, those decorations. Disney really knows wsup. Disneyland is especially enjoyable during ‘Halloweentime’. You’ll find your favorite Disney characters in costumes and the villains are walking around like its no big deal. We love to stay at the Grand Californian Hotel, it has direct access to California Adventure and Downtown Disney. Sooo perfect especially when we want to nap after a long day at the park. For some good eats OUTSIDE of the park (cuz lets be real, that shit is expensive) be sure to hit up the Anaheim Packing District 440 S. Anaheim Blvd in Anaheim, CA. Imagine all the cool foodie pictures you can take for Instagram. LOL.


Aaaaaaand thats it. I hope you guys enjoyed my neck of the woods, be sure to check out my blog family to see what they have going on in Autumn where they live.

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Jenna “twenty year old grandma” I dig it. Ive enjoyed reading her stories as she navigates through life and college and im sure you will too.

What are some places you enjoy going to in your area? Please share! Until then love bugs, Shanti Shanti!

Jacqueline Joy


(All images are not my own and are taken from google.)


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