When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall

The magic that surrounds us when the colors and season change, the longer nights, the crisp autumn breeze, and the winds that whisper to me that summer is over.

These are a few of my favorite things.

For the fall season, I’ve met, teamed up with, and developed friendships with five beautiful people for a fall collaboration. Every week for the months of September, October and November we’ll share with you our favorite things about Autumn, how we spend our days, Halloween, gratitude, football, food, and all the bullshit in between. For the first weeks prompt, we’ll share how we each prepare ourselves for a season of change.

And go.

 Get the Basics

Anything pumpkin, apple, baked, and cinnamon. That’s a no brainer

Get Organized

School is sucks. Even for me, and I dont even go to school. We have a 13 year old and a toddler on our hands and in between juggling our work schedules, freelance gigs, meals, and plans for the weekend, we find that our household runs smoothly if we set a schedule and a routine put out for all of us to see. Set yourself up with success. Get a planner, set up a command center. Write your shit down, and you’ll be amazed at how much you get done and how effortlessly you did it.

Bust Out That Crockpot

The foodie in me is rejoicing. As the days get colder and the nights get longer, there is nothing more glorious than a meal waiting for you when you get home. Stews, soups and even desserts are begging to be made. I promise i’ll share some of my faves with all of you guys.

Cozy Up the Home

I will be the first to admit, even though i love the fall season and the beautiful colors that happen OUTSIDE of the house, I do NOT decorate my home in oranges, reds, browns, leaves, and pine cones. Dont hate me. Okay wait, I’ll have a few pumpkins out by the front door, but thats it. Autumn is very appealing to the eye, buts its a feeling as well. A very comforting feeling at that. I love to cozy up our home with extra thick blankets, extra pillows on the couches and beds, candles EVERYWHERE, and lighting the fireplace. When its cold out, there is nothing more inviting than a cuddle with the one you love, under a warm blanket by the fire. Am i right thoooough?


Duh. Booties, beanies, scarves, plaid, dark rich colors, and layering. My closet was curated for autumn and winter months. Sometimes i wonder how i even survived summer.

Be sure to check in with us weekly (Ill be posting for the collaboration on thursdays) . Between the 6 of us, I’m sure you’ll find something to love and relate to as we’re all like minded friends just sharing our stories and our take on things. (shameless plug. lol)

Love Lee  Jerry calls her the “Originator”. So thoughtful and sweet. A Down to mars girl with a blog focusing on Beauty, mental health, and lifestyle.

Jerry The Gentleman of the group. A man of god and beautiful writer. His stories and words will captivate you. I promise.

Morgan  A girl vs. The world. She even said so herself. This cutie patootie goes over lifestyle, health, fitness, and beauty. You will definitely find some insightful tips with her.

Varsha The Girl with an Accent. In depth beauty reviews and delicious recipes. I say no more. Definitely need to check out.

Jenna “twenty year old grandma” I dig it. Ive enjoyed reading her stories as she navigates through life and college and im sure you will too.

I’ll end this with one of my favorite songs especially around this time of year.Until next time love bugs,   Shanti Shanti!


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