Three years ago.

September 3, 2013

I can remember so vividly the day that you were born. So many emotions ran through me. Can I do this again?  I’m excited to meet you. Im afraid to meet you. I dont want to neglect Alyssa. How can I balance all of this?

After seven hours of labor and strenuous pushing. There you were. At first, silence. “Please cry. Please. Please.”

You let out the the loudest cry that was music to my ears.

The doctors and nurses take you immediately. I haven’t had a chance to look at you. Two minutes later which felt like an eternity, a nurse brings you to us, “Perfectly healthy baby boy! (Thank you lord) What are you going to name him?”

Shit. What are we going to name you?

I said ‘Alexander’, I wanted you to be a Jr.

Husband remembered the name ‘Aeson’ so we can call you our ‘Ayce’. Middle name ‘Kendrick’, for my dad.

Aeson Kendrick. Its beautiful.


Here we are three years later and you never cease to amaze me. So fearless, charming, smart, and handsome. Hearing you say “I love you Mommy” is my favorite sound.

When your grandparents died. I was so lost. When they died, a part of me died with them. I was looking for love in all the wrong places, living recklessly and without a care. Until the day i found out about you. When your sister was born 13 years ago, so was I. When you were born, i found myself looking at the world with a new set of eyes. The hole that was left in my heart when my parents passed was suddenly filled.

You and your sister are the greatest things that has ever happened to me.  Please know that you are everything and no other woman will love you the way that i do.

Happy Birthday my sweet little boy.




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