I had intended to make this a “makeup of the day” post. You know, a quick beat for a student or mommy on the go or my “Almost everyday makeup” (i say almost, because i dont wear makeup everyday lol).I had errands to run, I had time to do my makeup, my kids were cooperating, and my face was beat to the heavens.


..but for the dear life of me, i cannot take a picture of my eye makeup to save my life.Im a freelance Makeup Artist who does not know how to take pictures of my own makeup. The. Fucking. Irony. After many failed attempts, my two kids decided to make a cameo instead.


After our selfie session, i’ve decided i will just show you the products used and call it a day. I still got dinner to make.






Laura Mericier Tinted Moisturizer

MAC select cover-up Concealer

MAC Mineralize skin finish Medium Plus

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

MAC Coppertone Blush

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator Peach Nectar







Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Stack

(Top to bottom)Blur – Lid/transition color

Unseen- Crease color

Enigma-Outer crease & Lower lash line

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer Medium brown

Tarte Liquid Eye Line

Lancome Grandoise Mascara


What are some of your everyday makeup essentials, and do you guys have any tips on taking selfies up close of your makeup? Maybe i should youtube it. LOL. Until then fellow bloggers, blessed day! Shanti shanti!



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