Travel Wish List

I am at an age (29, in case you were all wondering) where half of my friends are getting married and starting families while the other half is still partying and traveling the world. While i am happy and content with my present situation of being a stay at home mommy and helping my husband out with his business endeavors,  hearing about my friends next travel destinations has given me a sudden feeling of wanderlust. There are so many places me and my husband would love to visit and explore once our youngest child is out of his toddler years. Until that time comes, here are the top 5 destinations i’d like to go.

el-nido-palawan3Philippines: Its always fun in the Philippines! Lol.Both me and my husband have been to the motherland when we were both kids. I’d love to take our kids so they are able to immerse themselves in our culture and heritage. Being filipino, i also have 432943285320 family members. I’d love for them to meet them all. That would be one hell of a fucking reunion.

NLCR01-River-Cruise-in-Holland-BelgiumHolland: Specifically for their famous tulip fields. Tulips were my moms favorite flowers. I made a promise to myself after she passed away that i would visit them for her. I know, i could easily go to portland and see the tulip fields there, but its so much cooler to say, “hey, headed to holland. brb.”

great-venice-italy__largeVenice, Italy: The colors, the art, the buildings, the food, the music. ugh. I swoon. A city full of romance, maybe we’ll leave the kids with their nana while we travel this destination ourselves 😉

5c187417-6d99-4a2a-a02a-d123932fb9bbDubai: I have no other reason other than its cool.

County-Clare-Ireland-Cliffs-Of-Moher-1Ireland: Um hello, the scenery is to die for. and whiskey. definitely the whiskey.

slide3BONUS North Carolina Coast: For the simple fact that i wanna feel like im in one of Nicolas Sparks’ books.

Where are your top 5 travel destinations and why? And if you have any other suggestions, i’d love to hear them. Until then fellow bloggers, Shanti shanti!



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