Lettering & Home Decor

Lettering is the art of drawing letters. It is also a skill I wish that i possessed. Luckily for me, I know a talented artist with whom i grew up with and was happy enough to help me design an anniversary present for my hubbie.

I wanted to get alex (the husband), something sentimental. Cuz in the last 15 years it seems like weve already given each other everything under the moon. What do you get someone who already has everything you feel me? I sought out my girl to help me out. I’ve always loved lettering, calligraphy, urban lettering, all of those. Its so simple yet so elegant and timeless. After a month of going back and forth i received a box taller than me at the door. Not being able to contain my excitement, I opened the package in front of Alex.

“You go shopping again?”, he asks.

“Actually no, its for you. I know its early, but its your anniversary present.”

We proceed to open it together, and we were both floored. We smile, we kiss. Aw. Laaaame. Everything was so perfect, even the fucking ‘thank you’ note.


I had asked trish to make a piece for our entryway. We have a little nook that holds an orchid, which is fake cuz your girl has a brown fucking thumb, a catch all tray, and our jesus piece. “Home is wherever i am with you.” How appropriate. I framed it imediately, it was perfect.



We’ve been in our new home for a little more than a year and the walls above our bed were looking pretty bare so i had also asked her to draw up our song lyrics on two canvases.

“Can i just see you every morning when i open my eyes”

“Can i just feel your heart beating beside me every night”

Yeah, Spend my life with You by Tamia & Eric Benet. Its a fucking classic. They don’t really make music like that anymore, but lets save that for a different post.

And again..so. fucking. perfect. She added gold accents on the canvases  to match the decor to our master bedroom. She gets me. lettering2

I am so pleased with how these came out, shit i even saved the damn thank you note cuz it was so pretty. But most importantly, so was Alex. He said it was so thoughtful, and those are the gifts that speak to the heart. Trish, if youre reading this, thank you so much in helping make our house into a home with your beautiful lettering. And if any of you have Instagram, give her a follow. Support your local artists! @triciascribes.

What was the most thoughtful present you’ve given or received?  Please do share!

until then fellow bloggers. shanti shanti!




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