Allow me to introduce myself

I curse a lot and i have resting bitch face so i’ve been told its intimidating to approach me. I promise i’m nice if you’re not an idiot.

Small town girl, but the bay taught me. Now i reside in the suburbs channeling my best ‘desperate housewife’ life minus all the scandals.

I’m short so there is always a stepping stool in every room of our house. My husband stands 6’2 and i’m only 5’0. i find our height difference endearing. I am completely in love with him and there is no one id rather share my rice with or give back rubs to. We have two beautiful kids together. Our daughter is now a teenager (call jesus. Send out an SOS), and she’s pretty fucking cool, although ill never admit that to her. And a charming little toddler, who is the sweetest boy there is. When they were born, so was i. Of all the things i tackle and put on my plate, being their mom is the most fulfilling role I’ve ever been in.

I have a cat who think he’s a dog, a dog who thinks he’s a cat, and another dog who thinks she’s small. the fuck?

I’ve been through a lot of trauma in my life. Which is probably why i try to make a joke out of everything and not take life too seriously. Crying over spilt beer never got me anywhere.

I love my friends, and i love food. Sometimes i love food more than my friends.

I have an infatuation with the harry potter series. Something about a book that can teach you to overcome adversities speaks volumes to me. I still believe in mermaids.

Im nearing 30, and i’m a sagittarius, so i’m always curious, always creating, always wandering, always looking for more, and an eternal optimist.

I ramble alot, obviously.

Im finally learning to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin. So as you get to know me on my daily musings on life, all the things that i love, and all the bullshit in between maybe i’ll learn a little bit more about myself as well.

I’m Jacqueliine Joy, but you can call me Jayee.






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